Private Swimming Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS are ideal for adults or for children requiring special attention.
Private lessons may be booked for a time and day to suit you. And private means private – you and the instructor are the only people in the pool.

SINGLE ADULT: $40.00 per half hour lesson

SINGLE CHILD: $40.00 per half hour lesson

If you would like the share the costs with a friend, the two of you can arrange a shared lesson – provided the students are of a similar skill level.

TWO ADULTS:  $30.00 each

TWO CHILDREN:  $28.00 each

THREE ADULTS:  $26.00 each

THREE CHILDREN:  $24.00 each

If you have a group of friends (eg a Mothers Group) and you would like to organise a Water Babies Class for your babies, give us a call on 6278 1021 – we can organise for you with minimal hassle.