Jodi Harrison

(Gen / Infants / Adults / Access & Inclusion / Comp Strokes)

Jodi has been in pools for over half a century (that explains the wrinkles) and still has that undeniable passion for teaching people this important life skill.  Jodi is also a regular speaker on the Swim Australia circuit, traveling Australia wide talking to other instructors, and has released two books about Teaching Swimming.

Lindsay Hansson

(Gen / Adults)

Lindsay got dragged into this from his other life as a First Aid Instructor.  He’s got a real talent for passing on information and getting the best out of his students.

Clare Hugo

(Gen / Infant / Comp Strokes)

Clare is one of our long term instructors and we have seen her grow from a teenager to a wife and mum of three great kids.  She loves teaching and her students all love her.

Narelle Seymour

(Gen / Infants / Adults / Access & Inclusion / Comp Strokes / Bronze Lvl Coach)

Narelle has been hanging around pools all of her life and teaching swimming was the natural thing to do.  She’s warm and fuzzy and loved by all.

Kiba Hansson


Kiba has been around the pool since he was a toddler and loves to run a tight ship.  You’ll probably speak to him if you call up to enquire about lessons.

Alia Haider

Desk & Deck Assistant

Alia is one helper we certainly can’t do without.  She works as a Desk & Deck Assistants at our Centre, and is here to help … opening doors, meeting and greeting, answering questions, organising our Saturday families pretty much anything!   Make sure you say “Hi!”.

Rebecca Bannister


Rebecca is another local, ex-Ogilvie girl, who is currently studying Fine Arts (Painting) at Uni.  Her friendly smile and genuine warm welcome is there for all our visitors.

Jenny Harman

(Gen / Infants / Comp Strokes / Coaching)

When Jenny’s not coaching or fin swimming on the Australian Team, she’s hanging out with her three kids at the beach or teaching swimming.  We are so delighted in 2018 to welcome Jenny back to a regular role in our Swim School.

Michelle Lockley


Michelle is like part of the family here at Swim Central.  She started out as a parent in Water Babies classes and decided to expand her horizons and did her Austswim course.  She is an exceptional instructor, especially with her small pool classes.  She is talented, inventive and loves all her kiddies and families.

Susan Foster

(General / Adults / Access & Inclusion)

Susan has been an integral part of our team since we first opened in 2000. Her firm but fair attitude is the perfect approach to teaching.

Erin Ramjan

(Gen / Infant / Access & Inclusion)

Erin settled into Hobart life with her parents and young son and is now considered a local.    With a wealth of swim teaching experience, including time spent in the USA, Erin is well qualified, passionate about teaching and guiding her swimmers and is an active member of our Swim Central family.  Her gentle and calming approach to teaching will win her many fans.

Jimmy Nguyen


Jimmy comes from Vietnam, by way of Perth, Western Australia where he and his brother attended school.  They moved to Hobart in 2019 and have settled in as Tasmanians.  Jimmy is currently studying at Uni and lives with his younger brother Andrew, who is a local superstar in the pool, swimming for HC Swim Club.  You’ll notice that Jimmy always has a big smile on his face, as he loves being able to share his passion for swimming with all his students.

Olivia Dorsett

(General / Infants / Reception)

Olivia may be young but she’s been the local babysitter for Seven Mile Beach since she can remember.  She’s passionate about the beach and the environment and is studying Psychology at Uni.  Add to that a great work ethic and a gentle yet enthusiastic approach to her classes, Olivia is shaping up to be a great teacher.

Larissa de Jesus Caselani

(General / Infants / Reception)

Larissa comes to us from Brazil, by way of Sydney, where she has teaching swimming for a couple of years. Larissa is very passionate about swimming, sport in general and the safety of children.  Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious and she is a perfect fit for our Swim Central family.

Elia Moussally


Elia originates from Syria where he was both a competitive swimmer and coach to a local team.  He works for an NBN / Internet company weekdays, but his passion is swimming and this is obvious when you watch him at work with the kids.  His classes are full of great tips, inspirational corrections and loads of fun.  We are so happy to welcome him to our team.

Gemma Eyles


Gemma is sweet and may seem quiet but her bubbly personality will shine through.  She is multi talented when it comes to running the front desk, wIth a background in Administration and Hospitality.  Gemma will make sure that you get what you need.

Fateme Zabetiantarghi

(General / Infants)

Fateme is originally from Iran, where she worked as a Part-Time Lifeguard.  Now living in Hobart, Fateme is studying at UTas and furthering her passion for swimming and water safety.  She is very warm and engaging and the children will love her.

Jesica Pena Munoz

(Swim Australia General)

Jesica is originally from Colombia and seems incredibly young and shy.  But just get her in the water with her own class and she will take charge like a Drill Sergeant.  Jesica is still learning all the intricacies of our language, so be patient when speaking to her.  Another sweet girl with a passion for swimming.

Ummulkiraam Yousuf


Ummul comes straight to us from Pakistan where she studied and worked in Fabric Design.  She has experience in Admin but her passion is swimming.  Ummul spent all of her school years pursuing her swimming with her local club and is incredibly keen to keep the connection to the water.