FREE Baby Swim Classes

Swim Central is now offering FREE Baby Swim Classes for babies from 4 months of age. Babies can swim for FREE in our Baby Swim program until they reach 6 months of age. Enrol today for Term 1 and have up to 8 weeks of FREE baby swimming lessons!

Term Dates

Term Dates

We have four main terms each year offering lessons 7 days a week, plus intensive School Holiday programs – Monday to Friday.
Our Terms follow the four Tasmanian School terms, however, we are closed for all bookings (including classes) on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday.  (Your Term fees will reflect this if you are booked to attend on one of those days.)

Water Babies

Water Babies is a wonderful introduction to the pool for babies and toddlers from 6 months of age.

Singing, games and lots of splashing make these classes good wet fun for the babies and parents.

There is much evidence supporting the benefits of Swimming for infants, developing core strength, improving coordination and balance, sleeping and eating patterns, music development, heart & lung strength and the bond between carer and child.

Classes are available 7 days a week.

Water Prep

Pre-school aged children (2 – 4 years) are accompanied in the pool by an adult in this class, allowing the child and partner to work together as a team, encouraging independence and confidence in the pool.

This is a more structured session, laying a foundation for further tuition.


Based in the 6m Kid’s Pool, with a maximum depth of 90cm, this class introduces 3 to 5 years olds to formal lessons and encourages independent movement, water confidence and the foundations of swimming.

This level of class is ideal for those children who may be shy or nervous of the water or those who enjoy the water but have no swimming skills or previous experience.

Basic Learn To Swim

When they’re ripe to REALLY start swimming, try a Basic Learn to Swim class.

The highest level of class held in the small pool, children in the Basic Class concentrate on a range of good foundation skills and basic swimming techniques.

Learn To Swim

This class is for children who can already swim a basic Freestyle and Backstroke, but need to move on to greater distances.
This class continues on from the groundwork taught in Basic Learn to Swim. Now in the Big Pool, children will continue to improve their stroking and increase distance.


Transition acts as a stepping stone for those children who have begun to swim confidently, but are only able to cover short distances.

Correct technique in Backstroke and Freestyle is encouraged, as are good breathing habits to enable longer and longer distances to be swum.


This class is for children who have progressed through the levels and are developing good stroking skills but are not physically strong enough to complete a one hour lesson.

Classes include discussion and discovery by the students leading them to not just better strokes, but a true understanding of how to swim smarter.


This one hour class furthers work on Freestyle and Backstroke, introduces Butterfly and begins work on Breaststroke.

Children develop their styles and incorporate advanced stroking technique and are introduced to Rescue Skills suitable for swimmers of this level.

Stroke Improvement

The final stage of formal lessons continues developing the four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly) to a competent level.

Much hard work is done over the hour with focus being on correct technique, development of strength and stamina and an introduction to competitive swimming.

Private Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS are ideal for adults or for children requiring special attention.
Private lessons may be booked for a time and day to suit you. And private means private – you and the instructor are the only people in the pool.

Qualifications and Affiliations

Our Centre is proud to be a registered Member of Swim Australia, AUSTSWIM and supports the National Learn to Swim Campaign.

Many of our Instructors are former competitive swimmers and state and national medal winners.

Save Money On Lessons

Too many kids?  Can’t afford swimming lessons?  Think again!

Book three children from your family into lessons in a term and we will give you 10% discount. We want to give your children the opportunity to learn to swim – so if you’ve been putting it off, thinking it’s too expensive, think again. Swimming is a skill, not just a sport, and it can save lives.