Our policies on payments, absences and other issues are very straightforward and well worth a read.



All fees for bookings are the responsibility of the person who made the booking.  This means if you intend to share the payment of the fees with an ex-partner, relative or friend, as the person who made the booking YOU are fully responsible for the fees and should claim the percentage of lesson fee back from the other person yourself.  We are not responsible for chasing “shared” fees with people we have no association with and ask that you, as the person who initiated the booking, pay the entire amount yourself.



Like any business, we require a deposit when you make a booking to confirm it.  We ask for $20 to be paid at this time and this payment comes off your term fees.

If you are not able to pay the deposit when you book and we end up with a waitlist on the class your children are enrolled in, then you may receive a phone call offering you a final opportunity to confirm your booking before it is cancelled.  We think this is quite fair for both parties.



If you cancel your booking and give us at least 7 days notice, you will receive your deposit back as a credit against your child’s account.

If you cancel the booking and do not give us 7 days notice, the $20 is kept to cover cancellation and administration costs.

If you book the classes and just don’t turn up, you will receive a phone call reminding you of your booking.  Cancelling the lessons at this point will also attract a cancellation fee.

If your child attends several lessons and then you cancel, you will be charged a class fee for each lesson plus the cancellation fee. Failure to pay these fees will result in your account being submitted to a Collection Agency.

Cancellations due to illness, accidents or family bereavements are not charged any fee upon us receiving written notification of the event.  (Medical Certificate in the cases of illness or hospitalisation.)



We are one of the few Swim Centres to offer Make Up classes for absences due to illness, accident or hospitalisation.  Make Up classes are not available for holidays, birthday parties or school events.  To ensure your child qualifies for a Make Up lesson, we must be informed of absences due to health matters at least 2 hours prior to the class beginning.  Make Up lessons must be organised within the active term and do not transfer to other terms.  We will honour a maximum of THREE Make Up lessons per term.  In the case of illness for the last class of term we offer your child a free swim at the Centre.

You have a responsibility to advise us of all absences – if you miss three classes in a row without notifying us, we retain the right to remove your child from the class.



We are happy to offer a 10% discount to families with 3 or more children enrolled in classes in a single term.  However, deposits must be paid for each child at the time of booking and the balance must be paid by the third lesson of term.  The discount is applied to the total fee for each child, so it is quite generous.



Swim Central prides itself on the cleanliness of both it’s pools, and as such, we ask all patrons to wear a swim cap when using the pools.  There are no excuses.  Caps can be purchased or borrowed from the front desk.



Like all things in life, we recognise that not everything is Black and White.  If you feel that you fall into a Grey Area with regard to policy, we are happy to discuss your personal situation and do our best to help you out. This also applies to difficulties you may face making payments.