Wow, this is an amazing offer and is a great opportunity to boost the skills of your child and save money.

For Term 3 we are offering you the chance to bring your child to lessons TWICE each week – with the second booking at half the normal cost.  Ts&Cs apply.  See poster for details.  Spaces are strictly limited.  GET IN QUICK!

Swim Central – Instructor of the Year

We often get some amazing feedback from you about your instructors and lovely personal success stories. Now is the time to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and put in your nomination for SWIM CENTRAL – INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR.

If you’d like to nominate one of our instructors, please email me with your nomination and a supporting statement saying why you think they should be the Swim Central Instructor of the Year. Our winner will be award with a trophy and a prize and we’ll enter all nominations in a draw to win a FREE TERM OF LESSONS.

Nominations close 18th June 2017

Email: jodi@swimcentral.com.au
SUBJECT: Nomination

eg …

I would like to nominate: (instructor’s name) for Swim Central Instructor of the Year Award.

SUPPORTING STATEMENT: (Minimum 200 words – Stating the qualities of the person nominated and why you believe they should be the Instructor of the Year)

NEW Aquarobic Class Time

Due to popularity, we are trialing a new Class Time for our Aquarobics sessions:  Wednesday 1.30pm.  Finishing at 2.30pm, makes it ideal for grabbing a workout and still being in time for School Pick Ups.  At only $8 a session, you can’t say no!  No bookings required.  Come along and have some fun.

Tri-Vision Mask Offer (Month of May)

Do you have problems with your child’s goggles leaking all the time?  Just don’t seem to fit correctly or sit right on the face?  Are you sick of those “goggle marks” around the eyes for hours after lessons?  You should consider trying one of the Zoggs Tri-Vision Masks (Junior), specially designed for smaller faces, with a curved lenses and amazing 180 degree vision!  At only $20 in our Swim Shop they’re a bargain anyway ($25 in Big W) and to make it even better we’re going to give you a quality Silicone cap with each Mask you purchase in May.  Only available for the month of May.  Get in quick!



We have a new No Smoking Policy – which now applies to the entire property.

Previously – smokers were permitted to smoke down in the car park, however, due to continued abuse of this privilege (lighting up outside the main door, stubbing out cigarettes in the garden or just throwing them on the driveway), smoking will not not be allowed on the property at all.

Smokers are asked to move to the New Town Road footpath to light up and finish their cigarettes. This is for the comfort and safety of many – including your children and our staff. Non compliance will not be tolerated.

Water Safety


We like to think that you will read this important information.  Safety in and around water is the number one priority for us.

Drowning statistics sadly reflect a complacency in carers of young children:

“my child won’t get into the pool without me”

“my child can swim well enough to save himself”

“Our pool is so small it doesn’t need fencing off”

Tragically, drowning is the number one reason for unintentional death of children under the age of five in Australia.  Every year there are more headlines about unnecessary pre-school drownings, primarily in backyard pools.

We recommend that when children are playing near pools, you have a Designated Water Watcher – just like you would if you were going out for the evening and needed a sober driver.  The only safe way to supervise children around water is keep an eye on them 100% of the time – 2 minutes to slip into the house for a drink is enough time for a child to lose consciousness and stop breathing.

Stay Alive and Do the Five
SUPERVISE (watch your mate)

See our link to Kid’s Alive for more information!