Swim Central – Instructor of the Year

We often get some amazing feedback from you about your instructors and lovely personal success stories. Now is the time to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and put in your nomination for SWIM CENTRAL – INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR.

If you’d like to nominate one of our instructors, please email me with your nomination and a supporting statement saying why you think they should be the Swim Central Instructor of the Year. Our winner will be award with a trophy and a prize and we’ll enter all nominations in a draw to win a FREE TERM OF LESSONS.

Nominations close 18th June 2017

Email: jodi@swimcentral.com.au
SUBJECT: Nomination

eg …

I would like to nominate: (instructor’s name) for Swim Central Instructor of the Year Award.

SUPPORTING STATEMENT: (Minimum 200 words – Stating the qualities of the person nominated and why you believe they should be the Instructor of the Year)

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