Dry Hydro Massage

Need to relax?  Need to have some serious ME time, but you are always in a rush?

Just 15 minutes on our Hydro Massage bed will relax and rejuvenate your body.  Sore muscles, tight shoulders and those tension headaches will all fade away as you lie on the warm Massage bed and have your aches and pains erased by the warm jets of water.  No need to undress!  You will stay dry and warm on this amazing bed.  Just remove your shoes, lay back and close your eyes.  Listen to music if you like or just zone out.

Sounds tempting??  Your first session is FREE.

Ideal for anyone with muscle soreness, arthritic pain or just needing a bit of pampering.

15 minutes on the Hydro bed costs just $15.


Dry Hydro Massage